Apple Finally Discontinues iPhone SE

iPhone SE discontinued

The iPhone SE had a good run, but it’s finally over. Apple dropped the small screen iPhone from its online store after announcing the iPhone XS and iPhone XR on Wednesday. The phone was out of date compared to more current models, but its size and lower price point kept it selling, so it’s sad to see it go.

iPhone SE discontinued
Apple discontinues iPhone SE

Losing the iPhone SE from Apple’s lineup means the smallest screen phone you can buy now is the iPhone 7. Since the iPhone 6s is also gone, that means you can’t buy an iPhone with a 3.5 mm headphone jack any more.

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The iPhone SE was introduced in early 2016 for US$399. It was, until now, the most affordable iPhone Apple offered. Now the lowest priced model is the iPhone 7 at $449.

You can’t get a new iPhone SE in the Apple Store app, or through Apple’s website. You may, however, get lucky and find one in your local Apple Store.

5 thoughts on “Apple Finally Discontinues iPhone SE

  • I really like my SE.
    It is the right size for me as I prefer a smaller phone.
    I don’t need a larger phone to compensate for my small penis. I am OK with my 69.8 year old body.

  • Need a smaller phone replacement.
    Need an iPhone clam-shell.

    Until then I might just go with a apple watch on a chain around my neck for my needs.
    Always like dick tracy. But hate stuff on my wrist.

  • Very sorry to see it go. I’ve enjoyed my SE. If it were still being made would I get another one? I’m afraid I wasn’t planning to. I like the great price and that it will fit in my pocket. But old eyes are starting to make the screen feel cramped. When I do update I’ll likely get an XS or equivalent. With the larger screen I can nudge the font bigger so I can read it more easily. But I’ll likely get a couple more years out of my current SE. We will see what’s available around 2020.

    Fun Fact; I first owned a 5C and then an SE. Apparently, my owning a particular model is the kiss of death. They get discontinued without a successor.

    1. @geoduck

      How do you figure you’ll get a couple more years use out of your SE? Considering that Apple has discontinued it doesn’t give me confidence that iOS 13 will be supported on that device. This coming from an SE user.

      1. IOS 12 is supposed to work on it. That will buy me a year. 13 likely won’t but I can bumble along one rev out for up to another year. My wife has a 6 so she’s in the same boat..

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