Apple Found a Hipster Willing to Cut His Beard to Demonstrate Face ID

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Apple found a hipster with a rather glorious beard willing to shave it off to demonstrate how Face ID “Adapts to Your Face.” That’s the name of the 15 second spot Apple made by shaving off this model’s beard a little bit at a time and assembling it stop-motion style. All with Portrait Lighting effects suggesting the images are selfies taken with an iPhone X.

The tagline in the spot is “Face ID. It unlocks with your face. Even When it changes.”

iPhone X – Opens with a Glance

Apple also released a spot called “Opens with a Glance” that’s a lot more abstract. It features a haunting soundtrack called “Ready” by Hael, and a fleeting series of smiling faces interspersed with images of iPhone X. At the end, the open lock Apple uses to indicate an unlocked iPhone appears and a thumb flicks open an iPhone X.

iPhone X – Introducing Portrait Lighting

And the third spot Apple released is called Introducing Portrait Lighting. It’s a much more straight-forward spot that steps through making “studio quality portraits without the studio.”

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