Apple has four new HomePod commercials called: Equalizer, Distortion, Bass, and Beat. They’re all abstract pieces that say little specific about Apple’s smart speaker. Instead, they feature music aimed at young people who might find HomePod’s $349 price tag prohibitively out of reach.

Here they are in full:

HomePod — Equalizer

HomePod — Distortion

HomePod – Bass

HomePod – Beat

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Did I mention I have the iTunes Equalizer set to the Dance preset (no boost in dB)?


I just got my HomePod a couple of hours ago. It sounds pretty good, but I’ll tell you what sounds incredible – the HomePod with my iMac, playing in tandem via the iTunes speaker chooser (whatever they call that blue circular radiating pyramid icon is called – its Help Tag when you hover over it is, “Choose which speakers to use”). So I’ve got both the iMac speakers and HomePad checked to play in the aforementioned speaker chooser. I’ve got the HomePod about 3 feet from the iMac to my right. Big, huge, wide sound! I’m guessing this has been… Read more »