Apple Outlines Support For Veterans Programs

Apple Veternas day devices

Tuesday, November 11 is Veterans Day in the U.S. To mark the occasion, Apple reinforced its backing for veterans and organizations that support them in a variety of ways. This includes donations and practical action.

Apple Works to Honors America’s Veterans

Apple has made a donation to the charity Team Rubicon, which works with veterans to utilize their skills in various settings such as humanitarian disasters, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple said it is working with the Team Rubicon’s Greyshirt volunteers who are working on hurricane recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast and hosting training so that Apple staff can volunteers as first responders.

Over on the App Store today, there is a story that teaches users about the Team RWB app which aims to bring veterans together via fitness events and community service. There’s also a collection of apps that could be useful to those serving. Furthermore, Apple is providing Apple Music free for four months to any veteran that signs up during November. There is already Veterans and Military Purchase Program that offers products at special pricing.

CEO Tim Cook that “we owe a debt of gratitude” to veterans, who he described as “our nation’s heroes.”

In addition, over the fall, Apple teamed up with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. It helped provide cellular-enabled iPads to over 80,000 veterans to enable them to better connect with health services.

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