Apple Says You Can Take Better Notes with iPad Pro in New Commercial

Screenshot from Apple commercial: iPad Pro - Take better notes

A new Apple commercial makes the case that students can take better notes with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The spot is a continuation of Apple’s iPad Pro commercials that directly respond to real tweets from real people. iPad Pro — Take better notes is a direct response to @jeszka24, who tweeted, “My math notes are a mess since I’m half asleep.”

This spot, and the one below, work a bit better for me than the previous one, but it could be that I’m just in a good mood.

Need Less Stuff

The company released a second spot called iPad Pro — Need less stuff in response to @LixHewett. She tweeted, “There are way too many things on my desk.” In this commercial, Apple argues you can use iPad Pro to “replace a scanner, a pad of paper, and a laptop, so you can get rid of all that old stuff.”

It then ends with a not-funny-attempt-at-being-weird-and-quirky where the actress playing the tweeter says she won’t get rid of her large ventriloquist dummy. Up until that point, I thought this spot’s message was clear and well-delivered. Your mileage may vary.

9 thoughts on “Apple Says You Can Take Better Notes with iPad Pro in New Commercial

  • The iPad Pro, especially the one coming out this year, will be powerful enough to do emulation. Imagine if Apple came out with a basic shell to let you run a limited selection of Apps, word processors, spreadsheets, the sort of thing that wouldn’t stumble from a slowdown, on the iPad Pro. Part of this Emulation App would allow support for a wireless mouse. Sure it wouldn’t rum massive games or Autocad. It would however take care of those bits that are needed to make the iPad Pro into a true laptop replacement for a LOT of people.

  • I would have loved this in college. My efficiency would have gone up a tic.

    Jamie is right about the chrome books.
    My daughter has had one issue by the school, because everything is on the cloud as far as her assignments and such.
    Unfortunately she has to get at it with a slow, sluggish chromebook that is not very functional and wastes much of her time. When she gets home she is dying to jump on the MacBook Pro so she can sail through her work. It is just a vastly more efficient way of doing the same thing and that is without all the touch screen stuff.

    It would be interesting to get a keyboard setup for the iPad Pro we just got for the holidays and see if that would be better still or not. Fun experiment.

  • That’s great for students, but I am a professional and virtually nothing the iPad does is a part of my workflow. Forcing it to be so actually decreases my efficiency. That’s a personal use-case scenario, sure, but nevertheless, it is.

    For what it’s worth: Google bribed their way into education, I witnessed some of these deals firsthand in California. Apple’s products are so much better, and greed, not functionality, is pushing them out in spite of that superiority. Seriously, in my own experience, a lot of kids preferred pen and paper to the Chromebooks that were foisted on them. Something is going to have to be done about corrupt school boards if Apple wants to gain any traction again.

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