Apple Refuses to Discuss its Tax Evasion With EU Lawmakers

Apple has turned down an invitation to a hearing by EU lawmakers to discuss its alleged tax evasion. The company says it doesn’t want to “prejudice” its challenge to an EU order that is pay up to US$15 billion in back taxes to Ireland (via Reuters).

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Apple’s Tax Evasion

A European Parliament committee will have a hearing on tax evasion on June 21. Apple wrote a letter—released by lawmaker Sven Giegold—that said it was waiting for Europe’s second-highest court to rule on its appeal:

Image of a courtroom. Apple Refuses to Discuss its Tax Evasion With EU Lawmakers.

It is important to ensure public commentary does not prejudice those proceedings,” Claire Thwaites, Apple’s senior director of European government affairs. Since the appeal is ongoing and likely to be heard at the General Court in the near future we will not be able to participate in a public hearing on this topic as it could be detrimental to the proceedings at the Court and any potential appeals thereafter.

However, Ireland has also filed an appeal against the European Commission’s tax order from August 2016. It says the tax deal was in line with EU and Irish laws.

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3 thoughts on “Apple Refuses to Discuss its Tax Evasion With EU Lawmakers

  • The term “tax evasion” is super loaded and strongly implies that Apple commitment an illegal act.

    Not cool. If I wanted clickbait, I would surf on over to The Verge…

  • Really do not like the title and terms here. Tax evasion is an illegal activity. This has yet to be settled and is in active dispute. Apple did not evade paying taxes owed, it structured a deal with Ireland that Ireland was happy with and helped turn Ireland into the Celtic Tiger economically. Apple, like all corporations, has a duty to its shareholders to legally minimize taxes, and their assertion, and Ireland agrees, that is what Apple did. At best this is tax avoidance, which is still insulting term as every single citizen and corporation does all they can to minimize their tax bill, legally, just like Apple.

    1. No I agree John. I don’t really agree with what the EU is doing, but I was trying to find the middle ground. My headline is a little inflammatory but I always try to be unbiased when I write.

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