Apple to Remove Unlicensed Games From App Store in China

Apple China flag

Apple will remove thousands of mobile games in China next month. Those that have not received a government license by July will be removed from the App Store (via Bloomberg News).

Apple China flag

Thousands of Games to Go From iOS App Store in China

Games that are bought or offer in-app purchases must be approved by the Chinese state. The authorization process is slow and, until now, games undergoing this process have been available on the iPhone. Apple has until this point resisted altering this, It has meant things like Grand Theft Auto have been available on iOS. However,  developers have reportedly been told that the policy will change in July. All unlicensed games will be banned from the App Store.

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One thought on “Apple to Remove Unlicensed Games From App Store in China

  • You play in a country, you play by that countries rules. that’s the way it is. Apple’s not the bad guy here, though I’m sure some will try to spin it that way.

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