WWDC 2020: Messages to Get Major Upgrade in iOS 14

New group Messages

Messages is set to get a big upgrade in iOS 14. Group Messages is getting an overhaul, while there are new Memoji on the way too.

Group Messages and Memoji Get Upgrades in iOS 14

In iOS 14, there will be new Memoji accessories for various age, headwear, hairstyles and professions. In a sign of our times, Memoji will even include face-covering options! Messages is also introducing pinned messages so that certain conversation can be at the top of a messages list. 

Perhaps the most notable improvements are set for group chats in Messages. If you’re in a group chat in Messages, iOS 14 is going to introduce in-line replies and mentions. Users will be able to set it so they only get a notification when they are specifically mentioned, while the in-line replies will make it easier to keep up with a conversation within a conversation. 

[Update] Overhaul Coming to macOS Too

The improvements will also be visible in the forthcoming macOS Big Sur too. Again, users will be able to pin messages, and the group chat features are on their way too. Search has been redesigned too, with results organized into links, photos, and matching terms. Users are now going to be able to create Memoji on Mac.

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