Apple Tops Retail Store Lists With A+ Grade

Mind the Store released its third annual ranking of retailers in North America. Apple made it to the top of the retail store list, with a score of 106.25 out of 135.

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Top Retail Store

Mind the Store is a a coalition which focuses on tracking toxic chemicals in consumer products. Apple beats other companies when it comes to green products, and the company restricts its use of dangerous chemicals.

The company has a comprehensive system to ensure compliance, including training on the RSS and on chemicals management more broadly such as through the Apple Environmental Health and Safety Academy.

In 2018, Apple revised its RSS by adding or strengthening restrictions for a number of chemicals in products, including chemicals on the REACH Candidate List for Substances of Very High Concern (unless pre-approved by Apple), and established “non-use” restrictions for manufacturing process chemicals.

MInd the Store says there is room for improvement though. Apple could improve by creating “transparent public, quantifiable goals with specific timelines for reducing and eliminating chemicals of concern.”

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