PSA: Maybe You Shouldn’t Change Apple Watch Region Settings

There’s been news going around today about how the Apple Watch ECG is limited by region. A workaround that many blogs are telling readers is to change the Apple Watch region settings. But this is a pain in the a$$.

[Apple Working to Bring Apple Watch Series 4 ECG to Canada]

Apple Watch Region Settings

Outside of the U.S. the ECG function of the Apple Watch Series 4 won’t work. This is because although the function got FDA clearance (albeit only 1 day before the keynote) it hasn’t yet passed the approval process of other countries, namely the U.K.

It’s just a software limitation, meaning that the Apple Watch models still have the sensors. So you could change the region settings by going to Settings > General > Language & Region > Region and tap United States. This would fix it.

But messing with the region settings brings a host of other problems. It will mess up the date and time formats, as well as currency, and if you have third-party apps that rely on that, they might run into issues.

[UK Approval for Apple Watch ECG Could Take Years]

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