Apple Pencil 2 May Include Gesture Support

Apple Pencil drawing a town and people

The Apple Pencil 2 May include some form of gesture support built in. The refresh for Apple’s iPad stylus is expected to come during the company’s “There’s More in the Making” media event in New York on October 30th.

Apple Pencil drawing a town and people
Apple Pencil 2 may have a button with gesture support

Well known developer and Apple product leaker Steve Troughton-Smith said on Twitter that swiping your finger on a button on the side of Apple Pencil could change brush size and color in art apps.

He added the button could also serve as a contextual click. He called it “the iPad’s right-click.”

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Apple’s media event starts at 10 AM eastern time on Tuesday, October 30th, at Brooklyn’s Howard Gilman Opera House. Along with the Apple Pencil 2, Apple is expected to introduce new iPad Pro models, and possibly new Mac models.

Be sure to follow along with The Mac Observer for our coverage and analysis from Apple’s media event.

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