Apple: ‘We Have an Urgent Responsibility to Dismantle Systemic Racism ‘

Apple Racial Justice Initiative

Apple launched a new webpage for its ‘Racial Equity and Justice Initiative’ on Monday, MacRumors spotted. The page highlights the company’s recently announced pledges.

Apple Racial Equity and Justice Initiative Webpage

The Apple Racial Equity and Justice Initiative focus on the company’s focus on education, criminal justice reform, and economic equality:

We continue to be reminded that certain uncomfortable truths about our society are ignored, silenced, and sidelined. Comfort can no longer come at the expense of change for communities of color. As global leaders in technology and business, we have an urgent responsibility to dismantle systemic racism and grow opportunities for people confronting it every day. Our Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) is a long-term effort to help ensure more positive outcomes for communities of color, particularly for the Black community. We’re beginning with a $100 million commitment. And our commitment will endure until there is enduring change.

There is also a quote from Lisa Jackson, the vice president who is fronting much of the work:

Inequality can’t be ignored. We’re committed to helping create the positive outcomes communities of color deserve.

The launch coincides with the start of Black History Month. Apple also commissioned thirty Black artists to photograph their hometown, amongst other things, to mark it.

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W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

No need for name-calling, merely empirical observation based on well-designed study.  Sounds like someone would have scored highly on at least two of the 24 questions on the ethnocentrism prejudice scale conducted in the national polling in the USA on authoritarianism by Monmouth University back in 2019  That so many so-called ‘minorities’, a secular trend – challenged term on many counts to be sure (no pun intended), would disagree with this statement, and furnish body counts and outsized rates of incarceration in support of their disagreement would, no doubt, mean little but merely underscore their laziness, ingratitude and… Read more »

Here’s the truth: There has never been more freedom and opportunity for minorities in the history of the world than in this country right now. All that is needed is a bit of personal desire. Now you can start with the name-calling.