In a report [paywall] from The Financial Times (via MacRumors) a number of iPhone X users are experiencing a call delay bug. People on the Apple Support Communities page say their iPhone X has a delay in turning on for up to 10 seconds during incoming calls. This means users can’t tap the Accept or Decline buttons.

Image of iPhone X incoming call, which is experiencing a call delay bug.

Call Delay Bug

Because the delay lasts so long, the call is usually missed. It doesn’t sound like the iOS 11.2.5 update fixes the issue. Based on certain complaints all versions going back to iOS 11.2 are affected.

Apple has officially confirmed it is looking into these reports, so if you’re experiencing this issue contact Apple Support. Both the iPhone X and iOS 11 have been frustrating with a lot of customers, with people experiencing bugs with both.

This has led to rumors that Apple will delay some big features planned for iOS 12 so the next update will act like the Snow Leopard of iOS with more stability.

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