Apple Focusing on Performance and Stability for iOS 12, not New Features

iOS 12 and iPhone X

Don’t look for a long list of big new features in iOS 12 because Apple is focusing on performance and reliability improvements this year. Apple is essentially giving iOS 12 the Snow Leopard treatment.

iOS 12 and iPhone X
Don’t look for flashy new features in iOS 12

Snow Leopard was the macOS release where Apple chose to target stability, performance, and reliability instead of adding in loads of new features. The strategy helped fix what was becoming a growing list of issues and complaints about the Mac operating system. Now it seems that’s what’s happening with the next version of iOS for the iPhone and iPad.

Axios reports Apple made the decision to work primarily on fixes and improvements instead of new features in early January. Features like a redesigned Home screen, Mail and Photos improvements, and in-car interface changes have been pushed out to 2019.

We will get augmented reality improvements this year, as well enhanced parental controls and health controls.

Considering there’s a growing sentiment that Apple has been losing focus with its operating systems and has let quality slide, using iOS 12 to address customer concerns and improve overall iPhone and iPad performance may not be a bad idea. Apple will give us our first look at iOS 12 this spring at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

4 thoughts on “Apple Focusing on Performance and Stability for iOS 12, not New Features

  • At the risk of reviving OLD news, this is a masterful example of Apple Spin.

    Even iOS (much less Mac OS) is running like a dog on Apple’s devices. I still have notifications that only half present in the box allowed on screen, whatever text size I use. Just embarrassing.

    Pundits are calling for this situation to be rectified. BASIC quality control!!

    Apple floats the idea of Performance and Stability and the commentators just eat it up. How great was Snow Leopard, they nostalg. When what’s really happening is quality control has gone out the door and Apple has to take drastic measures to sort out their processes.

    Apple spin genius at work.

  • Frankly I think macOS needs this far more than iOS.

    I’ve been sent beyond 3 levels of app tech support just to get iCloud to properly sync photos in my contacts correctly. Local/Library has become a place that shall not be mentioned, a cruft lit so deep that the only answer is to nuke the system, copy just your data and start from scratch rebuilding your preferences/account information.

    The basic structure of the operating system is built on a an OS that’s basically 50 years old and belt together with chicken wire, chewing gum and duct tape.

    Sadly, I don’t think they, or anyone else is thinking about a fundamental restart. And they should.

  • I hope this is true. To me the yearly push of upgrading every OS at Apple seems to be a strain. As the “A” Team needs to be involved in every OS, there just does not seem to be enough quality people to devote to the projects. i have heard lots of Apple followers complain about degradation of Apple’s software quality. Perhaps the company has decided now is time to stem that sentiment tide. I hope they pull it off and we get a really polished and mostly bug free release. If this happens I will be happy with iOS 12.

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