Apple’s iPhone 13 Models Sell Well Except for the Mini in Q1 2022

Apples iPhone 13 Models

A new report revealed that Apple’s iPhone 13 models sold well in the March 2022 quarter. All iPhone 13 variants except the mini enjoyed the best results in the total U.S. smartphone sales.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Models Score Largest Share in the U.S. Smartphone Sales

According to the latest data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partner (CIRP), all four models of the iPhone 13 got the largest share of all U.S. smartphone sales in 1Q22. The results indicated Apple enjoying the largest U.S. share in several years.

The four iPhone 13 models claimed a combined 71% of total U.S. sales. The figure saw a 10% difference from the iPhone 12’s market share in 1Q21 with 61% of U.S. sales.

The base iPhone 13 variant claimed the biggest chunk of the sales with a 31% market share. It toppled the iPhone 11’s 24% market share in 1Q21 and the iPhone 12’s 22%.

“The new iPhone 13 models enjoyed some of the largest shares we’ve seen in many quarters,” said Josh Lowitz, CIRP Partner, and Co-Founder. “The four models, including 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 mini, accounted for almost three-quarters of sales in the March quarter. Last year at this time the then-new iPhone 12 models had 61% of sales.”

The iPhone 13 mini Is Not Doing Well, Users Keep iPhones for Shorter Time

The report noted that the iPhone 13 mini accounted for only 3% of total U.S. sales. Obviously, it did not share the same enthusiasm from consumers as the other iPhone 13 models.

There are various reasons for that. The report noted that the options for trading-in high value used phones have greatly improved. This means users now have better trade-in options that they can avail themselves of without breaking the bank. More users are keeping old iPhones for a shorter time. In 1Q22, only 20% of users kept their iPhones for three years or longer. This was likely thanks to easily accessible trade-in options.

“iPhone buyers are also keeping their old phone for a shorter time, reversing a long-term trend,” said Mike Levin, CIRP Partner, and Co-Founder.

Wait There’s More…

It would be interesting to note how this data might be affected by the release of the iPhone SE 3 or the succeeding quarters in 2022. Reports said that the iPhone SE 3 demand did not meet Apple’s expectations. If it will suffer the same fate as the iPhone 13 mini, this will vindicate Apple if it opts to eliminate the mini model from its lineup in fall 2022.

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