Apple’s Live Sports Streaming Service Might Get a Boost With NFL Deal

Apple live sports streaming

A new report says that there’s a big chance that Apple might score the right to stream the NFL games. With only Amazon as the possible competitor in a $2 billion per year deal, the report says that Apple has the better chance to get the deal. Streaming NFL games will boost Apple’s live sports streaming service.

Apple Faces Stiff Competition Against Amazon

Puck News reported that Apple’s Tim Cook and Eddy Cue met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the Sun Valley Conference last weekend. Obviously, the purpose of the meeting was not disclosed, but there’s a huge probability that they talked about the NFL deal.

Aside from Apple, Amazon and Disney have placed their bids on the rights to stream NFL games. Unfortunately, the league is seeking at least $2 billion a year from whoever will get the streaming rights. That puts Disney out of the running since it placed a bid less than $2 billion.

With Amazon and Apple left in contention for the streaming rights, Puck News believes that Apple will most likely get the deal. The report noted that by giving the deal to Apple, the NFL stands to gain a new and powerful global media partner to promote the NFL games. There’s also a good chance that it would become a potential threshold deal. In other words, it would allow Apple to become a potential bidder for future rights.

Apple Can Also Strike a Deal with UEFA Champions League

Interestingly, even as Apple seeks the streaming rights to the NFL games, the Cupertino tech giant may also be eyeing the UEFA Champions League. Amazon also showed interest in getting the broadcasting rights for the deal. For this contract, the league is looking for a $2 to $2.5 billion price tag for the broadcasting rights.

The Future Looks Bright for Apple’s Live Sports Streaming Service

With both NFL and UEFA Leagues under negotiations, it seems Apple’s entry into the live sports streaming looks brighter than ever. Apple recently snagged a streaming deal with Major League Baseball. Apple TV+ started streaming two regular MLB games every Friday night. In addition, Apple also scored a streaming deal with Major League Soccer. Apple will start streaming the 2023 MLS season games.

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