AT&T 5G Network is Available Across the United States

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The AT&T 5G network is now available nationwide, the company announced today. All of its current unlimited wireless plans will come with 5G at no additional cost starting August 7.


Additionally, starting August 7 5G will be added to the AT&T Business Unlimited Web-Only, Starter, Performance, and Elite plans, again at no extra cost. However, the fine print says that both consumer and business plans may find their speeds throttled if the network is congested. For the Business Unlimited Performance plan, throttling will only happen after 50GB of data has been used.

AT&T 5g header

Current smartphones that have 5G capability include Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 family, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, and the LG VELVET 5G. Current iPhones do not have 5G capabilities but multiple rumors suggest one or more of the iPhone 12 models later this year will have it.

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One thought on “AT&T 5G Network is Available Across the United States

  • Yeah. Right… AT&T’s coverage maps show that we have 5G at our house in a very rural, mountainous, heavily treed location. This is an upgrade from the LTE that we were supposed to have last year and the 3G before that. The reality is that we’ve never had cell coverage of any sort here. I wouldn’t buy a new phone based on their coverage claims – or at least not yet.

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