AT&T Pushing DirecTV with Buy One Get One iPhone Deal

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AT&T is pushing DirecTV subscriptions with a new promotion where customers can buy an iPhone 7 and get a second for free, or get a 9.7-inch iPad for US$0.99.

AT&T promo includes a free iPhone or iPad with DirecTV subscription

AT&T has a kind of OK iPhone or iPad deal for DirecTV subscribers

Like all promotional deals there are a few catches. For the free iPhone, “free” is really a $650 billing credit spread across 30 months for a 32GB model. You also need to buy the first iPhone as a new line or a line upgrade, and start your DirecTV subscription within 30 days of getting your new phones.

The free iPad deal gets you the 32GB model for a penny when you buy an iPhone SE or newer and sign up for DirecTV within 30 days. The iPad also requires a 2-year data subscription, and you have to pay for the iPad up front and wait for a credit on your monthly bill.

The deal is OK if you were already planning on signing up for DirecTV and need a second iPhone or a new iPad. If not, it’s probably not going to draw in many new customers especially since you have to pay for the promotional iPhone or iPad up front and wait for a credit on your bill.

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