Backblaze Offers Alternative to Amazon EC2 With ‘Vultr’ Partnership

backblaze partners with vultr

On Wednesday Backblaze announced a partnership with Vultr. It offers an alternative to Amazon S3 and EC2 for developers to use virtual cloud computes and bare metal resources.

Backblaze + Vultr

Each Vultr compute instance includes a fixed amount of bandwidth, meaning that developers can easily transfer data between Vultr’s 17 global locations and Backblaze at no additional cost. In addition to replacing AWS EC2, Vultr’s complete product line also offers load balancers and block storage which can seamlessly replace Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS).

Developers can perform tasks on their data such as:

  • Running analysis on stored data.
  • Deploying applications and storing application data.
  • Transcoding media and provisioning origin storage for streaming and video on-demand applications.

Existing Backblaze B2 customers now have access to compute resources with Vultr, and Vultr customers can connect to easy cloud storage with Backblaze B2. Vultr’s pricing often comes in at half the cost of the big three—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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