Bitwarden Announces Data Sharing Feature ‘Bitwarden Send’

Bitwarden send on iPhone

Password manager Bitwarden announced on Monday the introduction of a new feature called Bitwarden Send. It’s a way to securely share sensitive information.

App Store: Bitwarden

Bitwarden Send

Bitwarden Send lets you share multiple types of data to another person, fully encrypted. Such as:

  • Passwords
  • Financial documents
  • Identification documents
  • Legal documents
  • Client data
  • Code

Data is shared end-to-end encrypted using AES-256, and it can be protected with a password for additional security. People can set expiration dates and limit access to reduce data leaks.

The receiver of the data doesn’t have to be a Bitwarden user; just share the link and they can access it via a browser, mobile app, and even the command line. The feature is available with the latest app update.

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To me the encryption is wasted when the other party opens the document in an insecure environment such as Chrome, for instance.