CES 2021: Intel Reveals New Core i9 ‘Alder Lake’ Chip

Intel alder lake chip

Intel revealed its latest Core i9-11900K chip at CES 2021. Called Alder Lake, it uses an improved version of the 10-nanometer SuperFin process.

Intel’s Alder Lake Chip

Alder Lake is Intel’s attempt to challenge Apple’s M1 chip using a “a hybrid architecture utilizing Golden Cove big cores and Gracemont small cores.” These chips will appear in desktop and laptop PCs in the second half of 2021.

Additionally, Intel’s 11th-gen CPU has been updated. The 14-nanometer Rocket Lake-S arrives toward the end of Q1 2020 with a 50% improvement in integrated graphics performance and 19% faster instructions per CPU cycle.

That’s not all. Intel has also released a new line of 11th-gen H-series mobile chips for gaming platforms. They use new Gen 4 PCIE architecture to take advantage of discrete graphics with low latency.

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