Chinese Customers Turn Against Apple in Favor of Domestic Firms

Apple China flag

Apple has dropped in standing amongst the Chinese public, according to a new survey. It fell to 24th in Prophet’s annual survey of top brands, down from 11th position a year ago.

Apple China flag

Apple Falls Behind Chinese Brands

With increased support for domestic firms occurring, Huawei and Alipay both overtook Apple in this year’s survey. It took responses from 13,500 consumers.

The decline followed the heightening of the trade war between the U.S. and China. In 2017, before the trade war, Apple was ranked fifth in the survey.  Jay Milliken, a senior partner in Hong Kong with Prophet, told Bloomberg News that tension was particularly high in the electronics market:

There’s a lot of nationalistic buying in that category, because Chinese consumers interpreted what happened to Huawei as an attack.

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