Chrome on iOS Will Soon Filter Notifications Based on User Preference

Google Chrome for iOS Will Soon Bring Circle to Search

Google Chrome on iOS may be adding support for notification-related Notification Actionable Units (NAUs) via a future update. These NAUs enable the tracking and reporting of user feedback when they engage with notifications. In simpler terms, when a user dismisses a notification, clicks on it, or performs a custom action within the app. Chrome generally supports up to two actions per notification, which may vary depending on the platform.

While primarily targeted at developers, this update will directly benefit everyday users like us. As said, NAUs mainly track what users do with notifications and this information helps developers build analytics which further helps them make notifications better and more user-friendly.

Add support for notification interaction related NAUs

According to a Chromium Gerrit CL (change list), accessed independently by The Mac Observer, there’s a change list that states, “[iOS] Add support for notification interaction related NAUs.” The iOS here at the start confirms that this will be coming to iPhones. Furthermore, the description reads, “This CL allows feedback-related NAUs to be reported when an interaction with a notification is triggered,” which hints that we may be seeing smarter notifications on Chrome for iOS based on analytics of user feedback soon.

As usual, there’s no clear timeline for the feature to roll out to users. It’s also unclear whether this will be exclusive to iPhones or iPads will also have a bite of the update. Regardless, we might expect a separate rollout for iPad in the coming months.

In addition, Chrome on iOS is working on multiple features expected in the coming time, including the introduction of Quick Delete for easy erasure of 15 minutes of browsing similar to Android and an improved and enhanced offline reader is also on the cards.

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