CLCKR Universal MagSafe Stand and Slim Wallet Accessory Now Available

CLCKR universal magsafe stand

Smartphone accessory maker CLCKR says its Universal MagSafe Stand and Slim Wallet with Stand are now available. The MagSafe stand is meant for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models while the Slim Wallet works with any iPhone.

Universal MagSafe Stand & Grip

Designed with a strong 3500G magnet to attach directly to an iPhone 12 | iPhone 13 MagSafe compatible case, the CLCKR MagSafe stand and grip transforms the device into a multi-faceted, easy-viewing hub of information and entertainment. With the CLCKR stand, the device can be used in portrait, landscape and angled conference call modes, ideal for video chats, reading recipes and watching a favorite show. The grip allows the user to hold on to the device while on the go. And for MagSafe charging, simply slide CLCKR off the back. The product is available for US$29.99.

This product is not a charging stand, instead it’s an attachment with a stand and a slot for your hand to hold the iPhone.

Slim Wallet With Stand

The CLCKR Slim Wallet with Stand is the perfect all around accessory for a smartphone. The wallet has space for 2 cards which are easily accessible thanks to the notch at the side. The built-in patented Stand & Grip enables the device to be used in portrait, landscape and conference mode. The 3M adhesive that connects the accessory to the device creates a strong hold and sticks to most devices. CLCKR Slim Wallet and Stand is available now for US$24.99.

The Universal MagSafe Stand and the Slim Wallet With Stand are both available to purchase today.

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