Comcast Lobbies to Keep Spying on Your Browsing History

A leaked presentation shows that Comcast is lobbying against plans to encrypt web traffic that would make it harder for iSPs to collect your browsing history (via Vice).

Comcast Fights Encryption

Google will implement the plan soon by enforcing DNS encryption in Chrome. A good move for privacy but not a good move if you’re in the surveillance business like Comcast and other ISPs. Mozilla also plans to add this into Firefox.

image from comcast lobby slide

In the presentation [PDF] Comcast claims it would change the internet and centralize it under Google:

The unilateral centralization of DNS raises serious policy issues relating to cybersecurity, privacy, antitrust, national security and law enforcement, network performance and service quality (including 5G), and other areas. Congress should demand that Google pause and answer key questions…Why is Google in such a rush?

Google isn’t forcing Chrome users to use its own DNS service. It would merely configure Chrome to use DoH connections by default if a user’s DNS service supports it.

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