Comedy Series Starring Hailee Steinfeld Comes to Apple

Image of Hailee Steinfeld.
Hailee Steinfeld

Apple is bringing a straight-to-series order of Dickinson to its video content lineup. Starring Hailee Steinfeld (Pitch Perfect, True Grit) it will be about 1800s poet Emily Dickinson (via Deadline).

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Haily Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson

Written by Alena Smith (The Affair, The Newsroom) Dickinson is will be a modern comedy despite the 1800s setting. It will explore themes of societal constraints, gender issues, and family from the perspective of Ms. Dickinson, who doesn’t quite fit in.

Dickinson joins other Apple video content like Are You Sleeping, Amazing Stories, and others as written in our Apple TV guide. Ms. Steinfeld is an Oscar-nominated actress and was nominated for her performance in True Grit, and she was nominated for a Golden Globe as a lead in The Edge of Seventeen.

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My two cents: a comedy based on a famous poet who suffered from mental illness. Hopeful that this leans towards examining mental illness in these United States and away from making fun of it.


… I’ve just looked up ‘Seventeen’, and these days she sounds just like Mila Kunis, funny.


She is gorgeous.
And typically for Hollywood, for some reason, like all young actors, she was so dissed with True Grit in not being billed as Starring.