DARPA Builds Open Source Voting System

DARPA is building a US$10 million open source voting system to ensure elections can’t be manipulated (via Motherboard).

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Open Source Voting

The system will be designed by a government contractor in Oregon called Galois, which has experience with this sort of thing. It will use fully open source software, which is a stark difference to the current, proprietary voting software used today.

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

The systems Galois designs won’t be available for sale. But the prototypes it creates will be available for existing voting machine vendors or others to freely adopt and customize without costly licensing fees or the millions of dollars it would take to research and develop a secure system from scratch.

The hardware will also be open source made from designs created at another DARPA program. DARPA and Galois will publish the source code for the software and bring prototypes to the 2019 Def Con Voting Village.

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