Developer Reveals Rumored Unreleased Mac mini Identified in Latest Studio Display Firmware

Mac mini Rumor

Rumors that Apple has a new Mac mini on the way are starting to solidify. Within the code of the latest Studio Display firmware lays evidence that Apple may be developing a new Mac mini.

A developer by the name of Steve Troughton-Smith made a post on Twitter detailing that within iOS 15.4 for the Studio Display lies a reference to “Macmini10,1.” Currently, this model identifier does not match any existing released Mac mini. It is possible that this may be the model ID of a new device.

Rumors of the Past

Past rumors have hinted that Apple developed plans to release a new high-end Mac mini. This would be a way to replace the Intel-based model. With a desire to move away from Intel chipsets, the new mini would likely have the M2 chipset. However, with the launch of the Mac Studio, which is a hybrid between the Mac mini and Mac Pro, it is not entirely clear whether or not the rumored Mac mini is a high-end or low-end product.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable source in Apple rumors, is not convinced that a new high-end Mac mini will receive an announcement this year. Instead, the analyst argues that a launch of the device is more likely to take place in 2023. It may just be that Apple has plans to release a low-end Mac mini. This device would be capable of replacing the M1 model that is in the current lineup. Additionally, Kuo theorizes that bringing a low-end model this year would give room to bringing a higher-end model next year.

Mac mini M1 On Sale

For those that do not want to wait for a rumored model, the current generation of the Mac mini is available at a reduced rate. Thanks to a $99 discount voucher users receive at checkout, the 256GB Mac mini M1 is available for $570. This is likely the lowest price consumers may see on the budget-friendly device.

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  • I suspect that a lot of people (including me) didn’t buy a Mac Mini because we just could not believe that 16gb of ram would be enough. So drop in an M1 Pro chip with 32gb. That will work great and prevent all sorts of Studio sales.

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