The Car Connectivity Consortium has published its Digital Key Release 3.0 specification to enable keyless access to certain automobiles.

Digital Key 3.0

This specification will work with devices that have Bluetooth Low Energy and/or Ultra Wideband connectivity. Due to the accuracy of UWB this means that you could unlock your car without having to pull out your iPhone. Support for NFC technology is maintained to ensure backward compatibility and battery-low mode.

The CCC Digital Key already enables your mobile device to be used as a key for your vehicle. With the CCC Digital Key Release 3, the user experience just got even better. The combination of Ultra Wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy will allow you to leave your mobile device in your bag or pocket when approaching to unlock and start your vehicle – making Digital Key even more convenient.

The latest 3.0 release addresses security and usability to authenticate a digital key over Bluetooth LE. These keys are stored in a secure element of the device to protect against hacks.

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