iOS: Set a Category for Bluetooth Devices to Get the Best Experience

iPhone Bluetooth settings

Apple released a feature in iOS 14.4 that involves Bluetooth device types that people can manually set. It doesn’t seem like you can change the setting for Apple devices such as AirPods, however.

There are no new categories as of iOS 15.2.

iOS 14.4 Bluetooth Device Categories

Your iPhone now gives you the option to classify Bluetooth device type in Settings.  This helps the system understand the level of audio notifications needed. As the setting says: “Specifying the type of device can ensure your Headphone Audio Level measurements are accurate.”

There are five categories you can use to label your Bluetooth devices:

  • Car Stereo
  • Headphone
  • Heading Aid
  • Speaker
  • Other

iOS 14.4 Bluetooth device type

To get started, connect your Bluetooth device and head to Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the “i” icon next to your connected device. Tap Device Type and choose a label if it’s not correct.

This categorization is aimed toward third-party Bluetooth accessories. You won’t find Device Type if you have a pair of AirPods. This is because iOS devices already correctly label them as headphones. On a related note, if you are facing issues with on Mac, here’s how to reset bluetooth module.

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