Apple Just Won an Emmy Award for Siri on Apple TV

Apple just won an Emmy award for Siri’s integration with the Apple TV for “Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TV Content.” The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the award on Wednesday.

Debuting in 2015, Siri came to the living room when tvOS was launched. The specific award of “Contextual Voice Navigation” is because Siri helps people quickly find content they want to watch on the Apple TV, like television shows, apps, and movies.

2017 Technical/Engineering Achievement Awards

The Sciences part of the Emmys is often overlooked, and although Apple or Siri won’t be going on stage with an acceptance speech, it’s good to see recognition for the team’s hard work.

Screenshot of asking Siri if she has an acceptance speech for Siri on Apple TV.
You lovable scamp.

Siri seems just a tad more powerful on the Apple TV than on other devices. You can say things like “I want to watch Gone Girl” or  “Find Pitch Perfect.” Then, refine your search by asking for “only the good ones,” or ‘Only the ones from the ’80s” and Siri will pull up whatever you want. And that’s just in the TV app.

This is all achieved just by using your voice, so this award is well deserved. At next month’s special Apple event, rumors are circulating around the Apple TV, and with Siri being improved in iOS 11, we might see Siri become even more powerful on the Apple TV as well.

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