New Carpool Karaoke Trailers from Apple Music Turn to Sports

John Cena and The Shaq in Carpool Karaoke

Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke turns to sports with two new trailers featuring Shaquille “Flat Earth” O’Neal and John Cena, and Michael Strahan and Jeff Gordon. Throughout its existence, Carpool Karaoke has featured excellent singing, but fans of these athletes won’t have to worry about that in these trailers.

Check ’em out:

Apple Music — Carpool Karaoke — Shaquille O’Neal and John Cena Preview

Apple Music — Carpool Karaoke — Michael Strahan and Jeff Gordon Preview

To be sure, these sports chaps clearly don’t think they’re good singers. In departure from the original Late Late Show premise, Carpool Karaoke – The Series is much more about letting the viewer spend time with the featured celebrities.

And as I’ve noted about previous episodes, fans of those featured celebrities will love this stuff. I, for one, find the cheesy gag of John Cena and the Shaq trying to squeeze into a tiny car to be pretty funny.

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