Facebook Execs Told to Avoid iPhones Because of Tim Cook

Mark Zuckerberg got mad at Tim Cook because he cares about privacy, so he told Facebook execs not to use iPhones (via The New York Times).

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Facebook ≠ Privacy

What particularly made Mr. Zuckerberg mad was Tim Cook’s comments during a joint MSNBC and Recode interview. This was when Cambridge Analytica was fresh in the news. When asked about the matter, Mr. Cook said, “We’re not going to traffic in your personal life. Privacy to us is a human right, It’s a civil liberty.”

This apparently made Mr. Zuckerberg so mad that he told Facebook execs to use Android instead of iPhones. Facebook also hired Definers Public Affairs (DPA), a consulting firm that uses political strategies for corporate public relations.

The firm helped negative news articles about Apple while trying to spin Facebook in a more positive light. A notable participant was conservative website NTK Network. They are an affiliate of DPA and published a series of articles condemning Apple and Google for “disreputable business practices.” Many of the articles were written by DPA themselves.

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