Facebook head of communications Sir Nick Clegg has come under criticism for denying that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos was hacked via WhatsApp. He claimed the messaging service, which the social media giant owns, could “not be hacked into.”

Sir Nick Makes Technical Errors About WhatsApp Hack

Speaking on technology-51235815">BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ program, the flagship UK morning radio news show, Sir Nick said:

We’re as sure as you can be that the technology of end-to-end encryption cannot be hacked into

Sir Nick also made some other technical errors:

If someone sends you a malicious email, it only comes to life when you open it.

This is incorrect. Many pieces of WhatsApp malware can infect a device without any victim activation. Indeed, it is thought that is the situation in the case involving Mr. Bezos. The Amazon boss and Washington post owner has alleged he was hacked by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

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Yup, sounds like some talking head that is clueless about what he’s talking about.