Facebook-Funded Study Says iOS 14 Privacy Settings are Harmful

iOS 14 app tracking toggle

A paper that was recently posted to Social Science Research Network (SSRN) says that iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency harms competition and consumers. The authors note that their study was funded by Facebook.

iOS 14 Study

Included as a footnote, the first page of the paper says:

Huber C. Hurst Eminent Scholar Chair in Law and Professor, University of Florida Levin College of Law and Piramal Associate Professor of Business Administration, HBS. We gratefully acknowledge support from Facebook, Inc. in funding this analysis. The views expressed here are solely our own.

Facebook’s argument that it has used before is the the ability for people to opt out of app tracking for advertising hurts small businesses. This message is repeated in the paper. The authors’ summary is that App Tracking Transparency is anti-competitive. reduces consumer choice, and favors Apple’s own apps and services.

2 thoughts on “Facebook-Funded Study Says iOS 14 Privacy Settings are Harmful

  • “In other news, researchers uncovered numerous peer-reviewed publications arguing that cigarette smoking was not harmful to human health, and found no correlation with the rise in small cell carcinoma of the lung (aka ‘lung cancer’). Further investigation revealed that these studies were all funded by the Tobacco Industry.”
    Thanks, Andrew. 
    We’ve seen this movie before, and apparently only Mark Zuckerberg does not know how it ends. 

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