Financial Companies Expose 425 GB of Data in Insecure Database

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A recent report shows that a database thought to have been connected to financial companies Advantage Capital Funding and Argus Capital Funding, although the researchers believe them to be the same company. The database was used for the app ‘MCA Wizard’ (now defunct) to provide businesses with Merchant Cash Advances.

Key Takeaways

  • Found on Amazon Web Services in December 2019, it wasn’t secured in any way, such as with encryption or a username and password.
  • The researchers tried to contact both companies but were unable to do so. They then contacted AWS and the database was closed.
  • People most likely affected include customers, clients, contractors, employees, and partners of Advantage and Argus.
  • Over 500,000 records were exposed, with data like credit reports, bank statements, contracts, legal paperwork, driver’s licenses, and a lot more.

It’s unknown how this breach will affect most people. Most of the data was from associates of these companies, however at least one scan of a driver’s license was from an individual with no known association.

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