Former Google AI Chief Now in Charge of Siri

Apple hired former Google AI chief back in April, John Giannandrea. Now he has been given the reins over Siri only three months after getting hired.

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Google AI Chief – Siri AI Chief

Mr. Giannandrea is now featured on the corporate leadership page on Apple’s website, so you know it’s serious business. He reports directly to Tim Cook, with the title of Chief of Machine Learning and AI Strategy, and this includes development of Siri. He will also oversee Apple’s new Core ML technology;.

Former Google AI chief has control of Siri now, as pictured here.

Craig Federighi was previously responsible for Siri, but I think that Siri is in better hands with Mr. Giannandrea. Siri is getting improvements in iOS 12 with Shortcuts, and it will only keep improving from there.

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