France Enacts Smartphone Ban for Schools

France has put a smartphone ban in place for schools. Starting this September, students will no longer be allowed to use a smartphone or tablet in school. While it sounds like students can still bring one, they have to be turned off (via The Washington Post).

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France Smartphone Ban

French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told French news channel BFMTV,

France enacts smartphone ban in schools. Image of classroom.
Photo by Tra Nguyen on Unsplash

We know today that there is a phenomenon of screen addiction, the phenomenon of bad mobile-phone use. Our main role is to protect children and adolescents. It is a fundamental role of education, and this law allows it.

The law makes exceptions for educational use, extracurricular activities, and students who have disabilities. This new law isn’t really a stretch, since students already couldn’t use phones in class.

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