Get $5 Off Fandango Movie Tickets through Apple Pay

Apple Pay Promo with Fandango

Apple announced a promotion with Fandango on Tuesday that gets you $5 off movie tickets. According to Apple’s promo email, “Buy with Apple Pay on the Fandango app or through January 2 and get $5 off your order.”

Apple Pay Promo with Fandango
Apple Pay Promo with Fandango

I ran through an immediately on receiving this promotion on, but didn’t see a way of activating the discount. It might be slow to rollout, and we’ll keep our eye on it.

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FYI – (just for a means of corroboration ) went to go see The Last Jedi last night with friends and the person who got the tickets did so through Fandango & used Apple Pay. Looked but couldn’t find any discount or any way to activate it. Guess it’s not activated yet ?