Get Ready For Augmented Reality Maps in iOS 11

Andrew Hart, an iOS developer, has been working with ARKit to bring augmented reality maps to iOS. He posted a couple of demo videos on Twitter showing navigational tools and maps information for different landmarks.


It’s been less than two months since Apple announced ARKit at WWDC, and already developers are showing off what will soon be possible when iOS 11 rolls out this fall. Apple is primed to turn iOS into the most popular augmented reality platform in the world.

This is due to a huge number of users and developers who can receive the latest software updates immediately, as well as the ability for ARKit to work on your iPhone without additional hardware.

In the first video, Andrew shows us a quick video that shows floating signs in the air that point to major landmarks across London.

In the second video, we see how people can easily navigate just by searching for a location in Apple Maps and following lines to their destination.

It’s exciting to think of the endless possibilities that developers will create to make peoples’ lives easier. Analysts have predicted 100 million AR/VR headsets sold by 2021. Apple’s ARKit has the potential to change the world as much as at the iPhone did.

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