Goldman Sachs Releases PDF of Apple Card Customer Agreement with Terms

Apple Card

Goldman Sachs has released (perhaps inadvertently) the customer agreement that will govern Apple Card, though Apple won’t launch Apple Card until later this month. The customer agreement will look familiar to anyone who has perused a credit card offer, but it also includes terms for Apple’s next foray into credit cards.

As of this writing, a PDF of the agreement is available on Goldman Sachs’s website, as first noted by MacRumors.

Apple Card
Apple Card

Apple announced Apple Card in March, and during the company’s quarterly conference call with Wall Street analysts on July 30th, CEO Tim Cook said the card would launch some time in August. Goldman Sachs’s new consumer banking division is the credit card issuer.

The customer agreement spells out the annual percentage rate (13.24% to 24.24%) you’ll be paying on the card; the already-known daily cash back options (1-3%, depending on what you’re buying); and, terms of a grace period for new charges.

The agreement also spells out that you can avoid paying interest by paying off your card by its monthly due date: “Your due date is at least 28 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge you any interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance (adjusted for any financing plan) by the due date each month.”

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