Games Will Run Faster on iOS, macOS with Support of New GPU API

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The Khronos Group announced today that it’s working with Valve, LunarG, and The Brenwill Workshop to bring Vulkan games that can run on macOS and iOS. Vulkan is a GPU API and lets games run faster than Apple’s Metal API.


It’s called the Vulkan Working Group’s Portability Initiative, and it’s being released today. It’s a collection of free and open-source tools, runtime libraries, and SDKs. Valve will be the first to release Vulkan support with a free update of Dota 2 in the near future, with Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais saying,Logo of Vulkan, a GPU API coming to macOS and iOS.

We have been running substantial production loads through the Vulkan tools on Mac, including Dota 2 which is now running faster than the native OpenGL version. These efforts are aimed toward reducing development and porting costs for any developer supporting multiple platforms.

To ensure Vulkan/Metal compatibility, The Brenwill Workshop released the MoltenVK library, which is an implementation of Vulkan graphics and compute API that runs on Metal.

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