Voice of Hebrew Siri Sues Apple for Illegitimate Usage

Galit Gura-Fini, the voice behind Hebrew Siri, is suing Apple for NIS250,000 (US$67,000). She claims Apple didn’t ask permission to use her voice.

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Syllables Joined Together by an Algorithm

Ms. Gura-Fini—who also voices the Hebrew voice of Waze—says Siri “coaxes her likeness into spewing potential hate speech such as sexist language or hostile terminology.” Apple responded by saying Siri is merely “syllables joined together by an algorithm.”

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Ms. Gura-Fini performed the voice for Nuance Communications, which Apple acquired in 2016. She said she only authorized the use of her voice for “legitimate” purposes. When she contacted Apple earlier this year requesting her voice be removed, Apple denied the request, saying that its acquisition of Nuance grants Apple permission to use any acquired audio recordings.

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3 thoughts on “Voice of Hebrew Siri Sues Apple for Illegitimate Usage

  • It’s all going to depend on her contract. If she authorized her voice be used for “legitimate” purposes, that is such a vague terminology as to be meaningless. Apple can argue that Siri is a legitimate use, and one for which she could have foreseen its use. Poof she gets kicked out of court. Unless her contract as voice-talent specifically forbid the use of her voice in any circumstances where it might be used to voice these specific types of speech she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I don’t think this suit will go too far. What’s more I think Apple will be looking for a new voice and next update will eliminate her voice and cut off any residuals she might have been getting.

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