How Designers Created The New Suite of Apple Products, and Why MagSafe is so Key

It wasn’t just the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro that was released in October. There was a host of accessories too, not to mention the iPhone 12 mini and Pro Max that will become available on Friday. In a new interview with Wallpaper, some of the designers who worked on the latest Apple products revealed how it all came about, and the centrality of MagSafe to the entire range.

The Importance of MagSafe to the iPhone 12 Suite

The magazine noted:

The ‘instant family’ approach is a significant departure for the Cupertino-based company. It reflects a growing desire to create an all-encompassing ecosystem that reflects how their phones are used in day to day life, usage that embraces charging, protecting and even the ability to put your screen out of sight, out of mind.

It revealed that the highly regarded Industrial Design Group within Apple, formerly Sir Jony Ive’s domain, had the current range of products in prototype in 2018. Commenting on the colors of the devices, as well as some of the accessories like the MagSafe wallets, Evans Hankey, the company’s VP of Industrial Design, said:

We’ve always gone extremely wide in our colour choices. This palette was an exploration that started around gemstones – we loved the depth of colour and the way the colours appeared through the cases.

Indeed, what brings it all together is MagSafe. “Connectivity to the MagSafe ecosystem is what drove the final form,” designer Eugene Whang explained. “We designed the phone and the accessories as a single cohesive family,’ another designer, Jeremy Bataillou, added.

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