Illinois Facebook Users Can Apply for $400 Payout

Illinois residents can now apply to receive a Facebook payout of up to US$400 as part of a class action lawsuit. Visit this website to get started. To qualify, you must have lived in Illinois for at least 183 days after June 7, 2011.

Illinois Facebook Payout

The lawsuit accuses Facebook of illegally collecting user biometric data through the platform’s photo-tagging tool. It violates a privacy law in Illinois that forbids the unauthorized collection of such data. It can force companies to pay US$1,000 per violation or US$5,000 if a court can prove the company acted recklessly or intentionally.

Facebook has been forced to pay US$650 million in a settlement which Illinois residents can now lay claim to. The settlement further requires Facebook to disable its facial recognition feature and delete face templates for members of the lawsuit unless they voluntarily turn it back on. You must complete and file a claim form by November 23, 2020.

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