In-App Account Deletion Gets A New Deadline, Developers Have Until June 30 To Update Their Apps

in-app account deletion

Apple issued a reminder to all developers who submitted apps that support account creation to provide in-app account deletion. Developers have until June 30 to comply with the new App Store policy.

Apple Requires Developers to Provide Option to Delete Account Within the App

To refresh your memory, Apple made an announcement about the need to have in-app account deletion last year. The new rule should apply to all apps that support account creation. Initially, Apple gave developers until January 31, 2021, to comply. However, Apple seemed to have delayed implementing the new rule, until now.

On its developer website, Apple reminded developers that starting June 30, 2022, apps submitted to the App Store should  have the option for account deletion. This applies to all apps that support account creation.

Starting June 30, 2022, apps submitted to the App Store that support account creation must also let users initiate deletion of their account within the app. Deleting an account removes the account from the developer’s records, along with any data associated with the account that the developer isn’t legally required to maintain. Providing this capability gives people more control of the personal data they’ve shared.

Account Deletion Option Should Be “Easy to Find”

Apple also highlighted that the process for initiating and confirming account deletion should be straightforward and transparent. Account deletion “should be easy to find” within the app. Developers must also make sure that deleted accounts should revoke the user’s token.

Apple provided the details of the changes in account sign-in in its App Store Review Guidelines 5.1.1.

If your app doesn’t include significant account-based features, let people use it without a login. If your app supports account creation, you must also offer account deletion within the app. Apps may not require users to enter personal information to function, except when directly relevant to the core functionality of the app or required by law.

To help developers, Apple also provided guidance when updating an app or submitting a new app with account creation.

  • Make the account deletion option easy to find in your app. Typically, it’s included in the app’s account settings.
  • Offer to delete the entire account record, along with associated personal data. You may include additional options, but only offering to temporarily deactivate or disable an account is insufficient.
  • If people need to visit a website to finish deleting their account, include a link directly to the page on your website where they can complete the process.
  • Keep users informed. If the deletion request will take additional time to complete, let them know. If your app supports in-app purchases, help people understand how billing and cancellations will be handled.

Finally, Apple also advised developers to follow applicable legal requirements for storing and retaining user account information and for handling account deletion.

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