Insiders Expect Apple To Announce “At Least” an AI Partnership With Google This Fall

how to use gemini app on ios

It has been revealed that Apple plans to integrate more AI features into its devices, including partnerships with Google’s Gemini. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will add Gemini or Google and Amazon-backed Anthropic this fall. This comes after a failed collaborative attempt with Meta due to history and privacy concerns.

As for an Apple deal with Google or Anthropic, I expect at least the former to be announced around the time Apple Intelligence launches this fall.

– Mark Gurman

These partnerships come alongside Apple Intelligence, which is expected to launch in beta this fall, but won’t be coming to EU and Apple Vision Pro until at least next year. Another reveal is that unlike the third-party integrations, he suggested that some Apple Intelligence feature might eventually require a subscription.

Apple Intelligence is not just a chatbot; it’s designed as a comprehensive AI system that can control in-device functionality. Analysts believe Apple Intelligence will lead to a surge in iPhone upgrades and, hence, iPhone sales.

Integrating third-party AI assistants like ChatGPT and Gemini might be a temporary solution as Apple develops its own Intelligence system. However, it is a good thing for users, especially those concerned about third parties accessing their information, even though Apple and OpenAI have denied similar access.

What do you think? If a deal with Gemini happens, will Apple pay Google for its service, or will it treat it like it treated OpenAI?

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