Get Instagram Verification and Two-Factor Authentication

You can now get Instagram verification inside the app and a new form of two-factor authentication. The social network has started rolling out changes to both features of its app.

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Instagram Verification

Instagram is slowly rolling out changes to its two-factor authentication and verification processes. You’ll be able to use a third-party authenticator app, like 1Password and Authy. Using SMS as a security method is insecure, so it’s good to see this change.

image of Instagram two-factor authentication

The Instagram verification process has been changed too. You can request verification directly within the app. After you send the company a form of ID, your request will be reviewed and either accepted or denied.

image of Instagram verification

Additionally, a new section is being added called About This Account. You can visit any user’s profile and tap About This Account in a menu. This will give you information like date joined, country of origin, what ads the account is running, former usernames, and accounts with shared followers.

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