Intel Releases ‘RealSense ID’ Facial Authentication Technology

Intel RealSense ID sensor

Intel released a new technology called RealSense ID on Wednesday. It’s a device for facial authentication that can be used in smart locks, point-of-sale devices, ATMs, and other devices.

Intel RealSense ID

It combines an active depth sensor with a special neural network for user-aware facial authentication, similar to Apple’s Face ID. It can adapt to a person’s changes over time like facial hair and glasses.

In industries such as finance, healthcare and smart access control, companies need technology they can trust. Intel RealSense ID has built-in anti-spoofing technology to protect against false entry attempts using photographs, videos or masks, and provides a one-in-1-million false acceptance rate.

Intel says RealSense ID processes facial images locally on the device and encrypts all user data. It only authenticates registered users.

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