iOS 12 is Installed on 75% of Apple Mobile Devices

iOS 12 on iPhone X

Three-quarters of all Apple mobile devices run iOS 12, the company revealed. The latest version of its mobile operating system had a faster take-up rate than iOS 11 too.

iOS 12 on iPhone X

Operating System on 75% of Devices

Apple revealed that 75% of devices have iOS 12 installed, in updated figures posted on its developer website. It said that as of January 1st 2019, 17% of devices used iOS 11, while 8% used an earlier version of the operating system. It also said that 78% of devices introduced in the last four years use iOS 12. Only 5% of those newer devices have iOS 10 or earlier running.

iOS 12 adoption all devices

iOS 12 adoption recent devices

Faster Adoption that iOS 11

iOS 12 has been adopted faster than its predecessor, which was beset by a number of difficulties.  In January 2018, iOS 11 was on 65% of devices, following its release in September 2017. It only reached 85% in early September 2018, shortly before Apple released iOS 12, which introduced a variety of new features. It hit 53% adoption around a month after its release.

Meanwhile, adoption of Windows 10, has finally overtaken Windows 7 as the most installed operating system in the world (via ComputerWorld). It is now on 45.5% of all PCs running Windows, almost three-and-a-half years after it was released.

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